Digital Beekeeping Training Intro using Volograms

AMPCreative, a company transforming corporate learning by introducing creative communications, worked with the USDA to build an educational experience about Beekeeping. To introduce the program, they captured a video of esteemed Entomologist Molly Keck, that was turned into a Vologram Message using our AI.

Russ Johnson, Director of Post Production at AMP Creative said “It has added visual interest and a “wow factor” that helps distinguish their project.”

It is being used as the "Holographic Intro" to a collection of AR learning interactions that build towards a VR experience that provides beekeeping facts, and ends in a gamified VR quiz where users identify the "queen" in a virtual hive. So students will scan the QR code to activate Molly's intro, then move on to another collection of unique QR codes.

You can try it by visiting this link or scanning the QR code below (for best experience, scan the QR code and watch on your mobile).

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