The underlying magic.

See what goes behind making AR and VR content creation more accessible for everyone in the world.


Volumetric video, withthe cameras you have

Our algorithms were designed without capture hardware restrictions. Starting with a smartphone: feed video, get 3D. The better your camera, the better your results.


Our state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms power our volumetric 3D reconstruction, multi- view texture mapping, markerless motion capture, temporally coherent sequences and many more features. Run them on top chipsets or the cloud - your choice.

The next generationof content creation

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Integrate real people seamlessly into all sorts of AR and VR experiences. From professional headset applications to fun mobile experiences. It's a 3D asset - make it shine, Volograms style!


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This is where you can meet creators, discuss our app, learn about creating content using it and many more things.


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Volu by Volograms - Capture, play & share volumetric 3D holograms on smartphones | Product Hunt