Using Vologram Messages to launch a podcast

BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. They recently launched a new podcast, 5 minutes ahead, where they focus AR, VR, metaverse, Web3, and immersive experiences in a broad sense, and were looking at different ways to promote the podcast.

They realised that Vologram Messages would be an innovative approach to market and introduce their podcast to the world and became one of the first users of the product.

Eric Chevallet, their Head of Immersive lab said, “I really like the reactivity in launching the hologram in a very short time frame. The whole experience working with Volograms has been real smooth.”

Their team promoted their VM on LinkedIn while launching the podcast  it is also linked on the main podcast page which is on our website. You can check it using this link on your mobile or using the QR code below.

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