Using Volograms to explain complex projects

We helped Virtual Voyagers provide their client with a VR experience like never before using our volumetric reconstruction technology.

The leading renewable energy company, ACCIONA reached out to Virtual Voyagers with a clear idea in mind: they wanted to showcase their complex installations and energy products in a simple manner so that their key clients felt really engaged.

Together, they decided that the energy itself, the source and core of ACCIONA’s innovation, should guide the experience, and to make it engaging, they thought a human shape for it: LUX. We helped join the dots by enabling them to bring a real actor into their VR experience. The result? An exciting and engaging tour, complete with LUX, the embodiment of Energy, serving as your virtual tour guide:

Thanks to this, ACCIONA has a unique and innovative tool to take their key customers on a memorable journey around their world-class installations. They also featured LUX at RE-Source Amsterdam, to introduce their corporate offers in VR.

“We are including volumetric characters in our project proposals, because it allows us to take immersion to the next step” — Edgar, Virtual Voyagers CEO and Co Founder. Get in touch with us if you want to bring real humans in your next project to create immersive experiences like never before.

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