New Pagans: a VR music video with Volograms

Music videos are short films that integrate songs and imagery that are produced for both artistic and promotional purposes. Modern music videos apply a variety of media capture techniques and creative post-production technologies to provide a myriad of stimulating and artistic approaches to audience entertainment and engagement for viewing across multiple devices. Within this domain, volumetric video capture technologies are becoming a popular means of recording and reproducing musical performances for new audiences to access via traditional 2D screens and emergent XR platforms, such as augmented and virtual reality. These 3D digital reproductions of live musical performances are being captured and enhanced by a variety of video effects that deliver cutting edge audio-visual entertainment.

Finding new ways to visualise musical performance is driven by artistic creativity, a desire to innovate, and a need to capture new and existing audience attention. The final VR experience created by V-SENSE and Volograms is presented in collaboration with New Pagans a rock band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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