A holographic presenter using Volograms

Online events are great. It allows anyone in the world to join the event, talk to people and make the world a smaller place. Advances in live video have completely changed the way we attend them but how can we make it an even better experience?

Imagine attending an event where you are welcomed by the event head in the space you are even if they can’t be there in person? This is what the Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Patrick Prendergast, did to introduce the Trinity Business and Technology Forum.  

The key feature of this presentation is that the Provost is shown as a vologram that can be seen from any viewpoint, even walk behind him without him having to attend the event in person. The volograms were viewed through Hololens that was also streaming the live view to a computer which was connected to the projector for people who did not have a Hololens. This enabled a lot more new creative possibilities.

You can try this too - directly from your smartphone. Just download Volu and start capturing volograms like you record a video and we'll do the rest.

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