Hugo Boss x Volograms

Reboot the Night is not only one of the latest campaigns by top-fashion-brand HUGO. It is also a global first at the bleeding-edge of technological innovation: a global company using mobile volumetric captures to virtually produce media assets.

The Digital Creation team was looking at a way to bring the influencers into 3D worlds that was compatible with the complex schedule of the campaign shootings. Thanks to Volu, they could create volumetric sequences in a fast and accessible way right on the spots where traditional video takes were taking place.

The HUGO Boss team captured tens of volograms (volumetric sequences) with an iPhone and our app, Volu, that got automatically processed into 3D. Then, with their standard production pipeline, the global brand’s Digital Creation team used the 3D assets, in the shape of OBJs and textures, to create amazing videos.

The result was a set of really fun and unique pieces for social media that perfectly fit in with the creative idea of Reboot the Night. As most were published as ephemeral stories, only one remains publicly accessible on HUGO’s Instagram profile — enjoy!

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