Photorealistic humans, captured with yourown setup

Our cutting-edge volumetric video processing solution transforms normal videos captured using standard cameras, even the ones you may already have, into volumetric holograms - volograms!

Our cloud processing platform guarantees a fast, cost-effective and scalable solution with pay-per-reconstruction options.

Easy to integrate with your production pipeline. Download our Unity and Unreal SDKs and start integrating our volograms in your immersive experiences.

Choose the right polygon count and texture resolution to achieve the best performance on your deployment platform.

“We love Volograms’ Quality and Agility… success is a guarantee, while being affordable and time-bound. The approachable team, and their care and commitment make Volograms the best partner for volumetric capture.”

Edgar Martín-Blas Méndez, Virtual Voyagers


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