Volu Pro announced at SXSW 2022

This feature allows exporting volograms from Volu and creating content in the tools you love

Volograms participated in SXSW, one of the most important events for media, art and technology, and a very important event for us, as we introduced Volu exactly one year ago in its 2021 edition. And, to continue with the tradition, we made a new announcement!

In a panel and workshop titled "The Holographic Reality of AR & Volumetric Video", alongside Russell Johnson and Elena Piech from AMP Creative, and Eric Weymueller from Zyntropics, our CEO Rafa Pagés announced the new step in our mission to bring volumetric capture to everyone: allowing pro-users to export their volograms and integrate them into their own creations.

At the workshop, Rafa showed the potential of mobile volumetric capture, powered by Volu, and showed how simple it is to export them and integrate the captured models in other applications through Unity, Unreal, and even in WebAR. These features, currently in beta, are what we call Volu Pro and they will be evolving in the coming months with the feedback we receive from our testers. You can join the waitlist to get priority access to try the beta and follow the journey as we continue to improve it in the coming months.

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