Volograms is now an 8th Wall Platform Partner

Volograms 🤝 8th Wall

We're thrilled to announce that we are now a platform partner on 8th Wall - a division of Niantic. 8th Wall is bridging the development gap between iOS and Android, so that anyone can experience the magic of AR—no matter what device they're on, all with no app required.

Bringing our technology to the 8th Wall platform helps us take another step towards our mission of bringing reality capture closer to everyone. 8th Wall’s technology is already powering Vologram Messages, our new webAR solution to use volograms for Marketing activation, Sales and Internal Communications and we are also working on integrations that will directly allow developers, agencies or brands to bring volograms they capture directly to 8th Wall. Stay tuned for more and learn more about some of our projects using 8th Wall here

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