Volograms, in the news!

What a month! We got featured on CNN, Silicon Republic and the Spanish TV news!

Last month we had the CNN in our office learning about Volograms, our technology, and our vision of the future. We got the chance to show them how we are enabling user-generated 3D content using just a smartphone and Volu. You can read the full feature here, which includes an amazing video!

And that was only the beginning! We also got featured as startup of the week on Silicon Republic, the most important medium for technology, science and startup news in Ireland, with influence all over the world. As an Irish company, we are thrilled about this feature!

Furthermore, we were featured on the Spanish TV news at TVE in a piece about the Metaverse, together with our friends of Virtual Voyagers. Volumetric video is the best way to bring real humans to the Metaverse, and with Volu, anyone can now capture amazing 3D humans.

The global echoes that this month triggered don't stop there: we got coverage from outlets in France, Russia, and Thailand, to name a few. Even the influential publication The Drum hand-picked Volograms as one of the great examples of how people are bringing themselves into digital media!

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