HTC BEATDAY x Volu - An integration like never before

Coming soon... capture volograms on Volu and bring them directly on HTC's new BEATDAY app!

We're announcing a new and exciting partnership with BEATDAY. This immersive platform, famous for its virtual concerts, developed by Taipei-based technology giant HTC, is preparing a crazy 2023. One of the first milestones of the year will be the launch of a new app within the BEATDAY ecosystem: a special collaboration with Netflix's Light the Night... and Volu is already celebrating it! 

The new version of our app not only features some cool content that teases the upcoming launch, it also includes a new export option exclusively for it. While we can't tell you what this will enable just yet, you can check out how cool volograms look in this futuristic world:

With these new features, our trailblazing collaboration with HTC already has led to Volu's first exclusive platform integration and to our first content collaboration. We can't wait to create together many more unique features for the users of our platforms to enjoy.

What is BEATDAY's new app about?

Light the Night: Redhat Killer combines "drama", "games" and "music" in the metaverse. The story will unfold in 2700 A.D., in the Linsen North Road District, the darkest in the cyberpunk world. This virtual experience will allow users to explore, create and play in a mind-blowing environment... Stay tuned!

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