AWE USA 2022 Promo Created Using Volu Pro

AWE co-founder, Ori Inbar, features in AWE USA 2022 promotion as a vologram created and exported from Volu

AWE USA 2022 is taking place June 1-3. To promote this, Volograms partnered with Arcturus and 8th Wall to create an interactive experience where viewers can see AWE co-founder, Ori Inbar, placed in any space around them simply from a link on their smartphone or computer. Once clicking the link, viewers are shown their own environment around them through their devices camera and can tap the place they want Ori to appear. Once they place Ori, he delivers a special message inviting viewers to come to AWE USA 2022.

AWE co-founder, Ori Inbar, as a vologram

Instead of going to a multi-camera studio that only certain budgets can afford, Ori only required his smartphone device to capture himself from home. Captured on Volu and exported through Volu Pro, Ori's vologram was put into Arcturus' steaming servers and displayed on webAR using 8th Wall. Thanks to Arcturus and 8th Wall, this can be enjoyed directly by everyone by simply opening a link. This is a very exciting project showcasing one of the possible use-cases of Volu Pro and the potential for creation.

Check it out for yourself here.

Special shoutout to AWE, Arcturus and 8th Wall for making this project possible!

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