Volograms and Volu featured by experts in predictions for AR in 2022

Volograms and Volu were featured by Antony Vitillo (AR/VR developer, entrepreneur, consultant, blogger) and Tom Emrich (VP of Product at The 8th Wall) in their yearly report of trends and predictions for AR in 2022.

Antony, in his blog wrote, "Think about what Volograms is doing: you just take out your phone, you frame a person for a while, and then you have a simplified volumetric video of that person that you can use wherever you want. And..... The purpose of these companies is to give people the tools to record a 3D version of a friend or of themselves so that it can then be inserted into a video or a virtual experience.

This is going to be huge: 3D elements will be for the metaverse what 2D elements are for the modern internet. Nowadays internet is all about photos (e.g. memes) and videos (e.g. TikTok). For our future 3D internet, we’ll need also 3D elements, 3D people, and tools to create them."

Tom, in his LinkedIn blog predicted, "Last year we saw the number of volumetric capture stages worldwide grow, new volumetric video solutions launch, such as livestream and real-time holograms from 8i, and applications, like Volu from Volograms, aim to democratize the creation of holograms to the masses using the smartphone camera.

I expect that 2022 will see continued growth in these areas with more capture stages appearing around the world, advancements in capture hardware which enabling more portable setup, new features around editing and playback, and a distinct focus on bringing volumetric video into the mainstream whether through studios or by making use of the smartphone camera and LiDAR sensors."

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